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As a Crowd We Buy Together

We offer members an innovative new way of owning high-yielding UK real estate trading companies.


100% of rental income paid to you. You also share in capital gains upon sale.

Location led

We only choose prime city centre locations with high rental demand.


Operating under FCA regulations. Full legal protection of shares held in a UK Limited Company.

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Property Crowdfunding with Property Crowd

With Property Crowd you can reduce your risk by diversifying your exposure across a range of properties.Invest in carefully selected companies offering attractive property investment opportunities.

Owning a quality property in the current economic climate typically requires a time consuming search and purchase process, a hefty deposit, a mortgage that represents a large debt and long-term financial commitment, and exposure to an increase in interest rates.

With Property Crowd you can reap the rewards of property investing without the associated hassle!

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We only list companies that invest in properties expected to provide a safe and reliable income that far exceeds what a bank account pays.

We ensure that the companies that we make available to members are run by directors with experience in managing real estate assets.

Our structure takes the hassle, risk, and long-term obligation out of investing in a tangible and secure asset class.

Property Crowd was the first UK real estate crowdfunder to operate under FCA regulations.

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Investment exposes you to the risk of losing some or all of your capital.
There is no right to compensation in respect of poor investment performance.